Swaddle is Important to Keep Babies Warm and Comfortable When Out of the Womb

All these days I was struggling for a sound night sleep with my three months old toddler. I was just surprised a few days back at night when my baby was sleeping for four continuous hours without disturbance. I woke up in shock after four hours just to check if she was still breathing. To my surprise, she was sleeping peacefully in the swaddle blanket.

Baby swaddling is an easy technique where the baby is safely wrapped in a blanket from the shoulder to the feet. When your baby wriggles too much or frequently, you will know that he or she is uncomfortable. The baby gets unsettled after coming out of the womb. They’re used to the moist and warm environment of the womb which they don’t get outside. A swaddling blanket is designed in a way that gives the baby a feeling of security which is similar to that of the womb.

Many people feel that the gift for the newborn baby or baby shower should be expensive and special. As a new mother, I can tell you that a set of diapers, bibs, burping cloth, bedding, and breastfeeding cloth, swaddling blanket, rompers, and nappies are the best thing that I have ever received. A gift should not be something that should be left on the shelves forever, but it should be useful so that whenever new parents use it, they’ll be reminded of you.

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You can either buy a swaddling blanket from the market or you can make it by using the DIY method. Making a swaddle is pretty easy –

  • Choose a comfortable fabric that is soft, airy, and elastic. The size should be big enough so that the baby doesn’t feel congested when wrapped in it.
  • Fold the blanket in a diamond shape at the top corner of the blanket. Ensure that the length of the blanket should be as long as the baby.
  • Place your baby on the blanket by keeping his or her neck and face above the fold.
  • Before wrapping the baby completely, you can either place your baby’s hands on the sides of the tummy. In any form don’t wrap tightly, but leave some space for the baby o move and breathe.
  • Fold the bottom by pulling the blanket upward like a swaddle. Tug both arms comfortably in the cloth.

Swaddling is important for babies to keep them comfortable and to create a constant proper temperature inside the blanket. By swaddling you can help to avoid SIDS. Your baby doesn’t flip upside and doesn’t suffocate while sleeping. It helps in improving the sleeping pattern of both babies and new parents.

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