Are You Aware of Modern Techniques to Diagnose Blocked Drains?

Most homeowners must have often faced a situation where suddenly the kitchen or shower sinks start draining very slowly and water starts accumulating. This condition occurs due to blocked drainage. It is therefore necessary to fix the issue as early as possible.

However, there are times when your DIY way of cleaning may not help and you need to call a specialist drain cleaning service provider to rectify the problem. As a matter of fact, we all are responsible in some way or other for this situation. Drain blockage can happen because of:

  • Dumping waste
  • Throwing things other than toilet papers
  • Accumulation of hair
  • Throwing something that you must throw on the trash

You may call a drain service provider like Wilco Relining to unblock drains Sydney in case if you are facing such an issue at your home.

Diagnosing issues of drain blockage by using advanced CCTV cameras

Most of you must be familiar with the techniques used by more conventional methods, where the high-pressure water jetting method is used for unblocking the drains, however, at times this method is not good enough to unblock the drains.

In such a situation, nowadays most drainage companies prefer to make use of the most modern high-tech equipment that is available with them for surveying as well as diagnosing your drainage problems.

Advanced CCTV cameras are available that can easily pinpoint the exact cause of your blocked drains. They can check whether your drain blockage is due to any root growing through or it is cracked that needs repair or it is an extraordinarily stubborn type of obstruction.

Proper decision can be taken after the drain’s internal condition is diagnosed. The drain servicing professionals can then decide, which step they should take to resolve the issue.

Few reasons for drain blockages

To prevent such frequent drain blockage, you must be aware of the following:


In our kitchen drain, often grease from oils and fats enter into the drain, but soon it gets cold inside the drain and become a solid mass that may adhere to your pipe walls and also attracts more waste to it.

2. Hair

Hair of humans as well as pets are another major clog-factors. You can simply avoid your drains getting blocked due to hair build-up by installing a simple mesh screen just over the drains particularly in your shower and bathroom drains.

3. Food waste

You may think that coffee grounds are harmless and a free-flowing item that can be easily washed down the sink. However, you will be surprised to know that they actually are a very high-risk factor for all your drain blockages.

4. Fibrous materials

You must dispose of all items like wet-wipes, cotton balls, dental floss, and all feminine hygiene items in a bin, and never flush them down the toilet. All these can easily attach to rough parts within the drains that can build up into a potential blockage.

5. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

You must dispose your engine oils, paints and solvents properly and never introduce them to your water supply where they may also harm the groundwater.

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