Top 3 Points To Remember When You Fail A Driving Test

Unfortunately, many things can go wrong during a driving test, and if you have failed, something did go wrong. Well, if you have failed, the first thing you need to do is – NOT PANIC. On average, only 40% of people pass their driving test in the first try, and this means 60% fail. 

 Even if you are perfect in your driving skills, errors occur in the test, due to anxiety and stress. So, the main thing is to focus and find out what exactly went wrong, what your weak areas are, and how you can improve yourself before the next test. 

 Here we have discussed the three most important things concerning driving tests which you must keep in mind, especially if you have failed one. So, let’s see what you can do next when you have failed a test…

 1. Don’t neglect the writing test

 Most individuals focus a lot on their driving lessons Wagga Wagga and neglect the importance of the theory part. Well, no wonder, it only consists of 20 questions and to pass all you need is 15 correct answers, but if you don’t get them, you fail. 

 If you have failed your writing test, simply talk to the person who administered your test and ask which questions you answered incorrectly. Well, of course, the next test will not have the same questions, but at least you will know what your weak areas are. 

 Then again, if you aren’t able to find which questions you got wrong, simply go through the theory part once again. Take plenty of free practice tests available online, and unless you don’t get satisfying results, keep practicing. 

 2. Be confident about taking another driving test

 Yes, it is very much obvious that you are upset about failing your test, but remain calm and practice well for the next one. Again, try and talk to the person who administered your test and inquire about your weak areas. Usually, they give pointers and comments when you fail a test, but they aren’t allowed to discuss the specifics. So, just try if you can get them to talk to you. 

 Besides, don’t forget, some states have comparatively difficult driving tests. Therefore, there are good chances that you are failing the test, not because you aren’t good at driving, but the tests are much more difficult. 

 All in all, to improve your chances of passing your next driving test, you should practice with someone who can give honest feedback. Also, you can take driving lessons from reputed schools like, and ask the tutor to help you improve specific driving skills. 

 3. Envision yourself getting the license

 Yes, it is one of the most motivating images you can keep in mind while you practice. Envision yourself getting what you want, and surely you will get there. 

 There you go. Keep practicing, and don’t rush going for a test unless you are sure about the theory part as well as your driving skills. 

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