Getting Your Yard Guest Friendly in Time for Fall

As businesses extend their closures into autumn, hosting a party at home may be the best option this fall, and there is no time like the present to get ready.


Even though the temperatures will be cooler, the first thing people will notice is the condition of the grass, so now is a great time to get a head start and fix any issues in time for the lawn to be lush come fall. Talk with your local gardening or landscaping expert if you have any bald or brown patches, and see if fertilizer or aeration will do the trick.

Trees make great shade, decor, and photo backdrops, so it can be a good idea to plant a few. Choose species that will look lovely in the autumn, and won’t have any fruits or nuts that will be unsightly or cause tripping hazards when they fall to the ground. Keep all shrubs trimmed and stay ahead of new growth so you won’t have to cut off thicker limbs further on in the year. Late blooming plants in pots can be a great way to add color if the ground is cold, and you can buy fully mature ones, so no green thumb is needed.


Next, it’s time to think about the structures and layout. A pergola with a rich timber frame truss in Atlanta, GA, a patio of smooth stones, a wooden deck with a great vantage point, or a hidden seating gazebo are sure to add charm. Having several separate areas where party goers can wander away from the main crowd are perfect for quiet conversations and casual musings.

Timber frames in Atlanta, GA, are exceptional in the season and add infinitely to the autumnal charm. A fire pit for marshmallow roasting, a large fence where a sheet could be hung for movie projection, or a dry/wet bar area are other great ideas that are sure to please as well.


Of course, what party would be complete without all of the extra touches that mean so much. Mood lighting via standing lanterns, hanging lamps, string lights, or pathway lights are not only decorative, but provide much needed safety so guests can navigate their way through the space as the days get darker. Hidden Bluetooth speakers can play party music to keep the atmosphere jovial, and providing soft blankets and comfy throw pillows on outdoor furniture will make guests feel at home and cozy as the cool of night sets in.

Give the timber frames in Atlanta GA, a good wipe down before the big event, and make sure all pathways and lawn spaces are clear of debris and clutter. Add a few decorations like berries, green garlands, or pumpkins and your back yard will be all set to receive guests this fall.

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