Read This Write Up for Vaping CBD Oil

People who have never used vaporizer, for them it is totally unthinkable to vape CBD. However, in this writeup we are going to provide few guidelines to help you out.

As you know, recent researches have proved a number of benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) oil and its related products can offer us. Its health benefits also have been approved by FDA too.

So, can you use CBD vape to treat your nausea, pain and anxiety? Let us first know about the vaping equipment.

As far as vaping equipment is concerned, it consists of following few parts:

  • A heating element
  • A battery
  • A chamber that can hold oil
  • A mouthpiece

How you can vape CBD oil?

Following are step by step procedure to vape CBD.

Step 1 – Obtain your vaping equipment and e-liquid

First of all, you need to buy an equipment which is also known as vaporizer along with cartridges for CBD oil, which is also available online or any shop too. Also, you need to buy necessary CBD oil concentrate and e-liquid for CBD.

Step 2 – Try to learn how to use your equipment

You need to learn the use of the vaping equipment which will be provided in the instruction manual supplied along with the equipment. You can also learn by looking at video presentation that is available on the internet too.

Step 3 – Vape and enjoy

After you are familiar with the vaping equipment then you must start using it. You may turn on the vaporizer and start inhaling.

Often you may not be aware about the exact quantity of CBD oil that you must start with. So, in the beginning start with minimum amount and try to go slow. Just see how does it taste by taking a smaller dose.

In case, you find that the amount of dose you have taken is not sufficient then increase a bit slowly until you find that your dose is correct.

Also, there are CBD dosage calculators available and by using that you can decide your dosage as per the CBD oil strength as well as your body weight.

Step 4 – You must maintain and clean your equipment regularly

If you want to vape regularly then it is important that your equipment must be maintained clean, otherwise it may accumulate bacteria or mold too. Following are the steps to be followed for cleaning the equipment.

  1. Take out the power unit by unscrewing it from the oil reservoir
  2. If there is any excess moisture or oil then you must shake it well so that it may come out from the stem unit and dump them out from the oil reservoir.
  3. Fill with white vinegar in your bowl until its level is just under the battery by making sure that vinegar is covering filter area and remains soaked for minimum 10 minutes.
  4. Try to wipe both inside and outside of your reservoir by using soft cloth after dipping in vinegar. Use soft scrub brush for heavy build-up.
  5. After removing steam unit from vinegar, use your hand to cover up the hole at the bottom. Pour water and fill it fully over top by using your hand and then shake well and release water from the bottom.
  6. Dry all parts by using a soft clean cloth.

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