Top Reasons to Avoid the Wallpaper Trend

Wallpaper used to be seen as an incredibly outdated trend. When you think of wallpaper you might think of pastel floral prints or garish stripes. However, the wallpaper trend is returning. This doesn’t mean that you should get on board with every interior design trend.┬áHere’s why you should stick to painting your walls and not wallpapering them.

It’s Limiting

You can paint a wall just about any color under the sun. If you can find it on a color wheel, professional painters in Marietta can find a product for you. Professional painters have experience with all kinds of paint products, colors, and finishes, each of which gives you a different final look. But wallpaper is limited to the specific designs that are for sale near you.

It’s Permanent

It’s much harder to replace or alter wallpaper than a painted wall. Residential painters can easily clean, prime, repair, and repaint a wall in a new, fresh color any time you’re ready for a change. In fact, in most cases you won’t even need all of those steps! But once you commit to a wallpaper, you’re set. You have to stick with this design choice until you’re ready to tear it down. Then, you’ll have to prepare the wall for another treatment. With paint, however, you could paint an accent wall or add cool features like stripes or light-catching finishes that trick the eye.

It Shows Its Age

When you choose to paint, you can easily repaint, treat stains, make touch ups, and more. If you get a stain on wallpaper, you just have to cover it up! The paper will hold the stain and there’s no way to eliminate it. In fact, certain cleaners may actually tear or discolor the wallpaper! Then what will you do? You’d have to hang a picture in an awkward location to cover up the damage.

And woe to those who find scratches or tears in wallpaper. There’s absolutely no way to fix this, especially if you have complex, patterned wallpaper. Any repairs will be obvious. Your only choice will be to tear it all down and start all over again.

It’s Damaging

Wallpaper uses adhesives that can leave unsightly residue on your walls, making it difficult for you to ever paint them again. Your only choice in the future will be to apply more and more wallpaper to cover up layers of damage. But painting walls is easy, mistakes are reversible, and if you get sick of a certain color or just want to select a more current paint color, it’s easy to replace paint. If you hire professional painters every time, you won’t have to worry about damaging your walls.

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