Dry Cleaning – Why It Is The Best Method To Clean Your Clothes?

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning your clothes with little to no use of water. The stains are removed with the help of solvents such as perchloroethylene. This type of cleaning is also suitable for heavy and thick clothes such as carpets, rugs, sofa covers, etc. Furthermore, dry cleaning also ensures that no damage will be done to your delicate garments.

The Shirt Butler is one of the fastest-growing dry cleaning services in Sydney as it has made the process of doing laundry as convenient as possible. They come and pick up your clothes, clean them using environmentally friendly organic solvents, and deliver them to your doorstep. They are one of the reliable dry cleaners that ensure to provide cleaned, ironed and folded laundry to you in 48 hours.

What is washing in a machine?

The most traditional method of cleaning your clothes or removing any stain is washing it in a washing machine in which a detergent and fabric softener is used along with water. A washing machine is one of the most common household appliances in today’s household.

Differences between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning

  • Dry cleaning uses a chemical solvent to wash the clothes: The laundry cleaning method even at the cleaner’s place is done by using a traditional washing machine.
  • Dry cleaning uses perchloroethylene to remove stains: Laundry cleaning uses bleach, detergent or other soaps to remove stains.
  • Dry cleaned clothes are loaded in a machine and washed by the tumbling process: The solvents used for dry cleaning are removed recycled. The laundry cleaning process consists of detergent working with water and removing dirt in the agitation process.
  • Dry cleaned garments are dried with the help of dry cleaning machines: In case of the laundry cleaning process, the water is drained out of the machine and the clothes are spun to squeeze out excess water.
  • Dry cleaned garments are steamed or ironed: Laundry washed garments and pressed or steamed.

Difference between dry cleaning, laundry cleaning, and machine cleaning

  • Dry cleaning cannot clean soiled garments: Dry cleaning may be able to remove different kinds of stains but it may not be able to clean soiled clothes. Armpit stains and odor can only be removed by soaking the clothes in detergent before putting them in a washing machine.
  • Size and shape of garments matter: The washing machine that you have at home may not have the capacity to wash heavy and large garments such as carpets, rugs and sofa covers. It can also shrink these garments making it unusable.
  • Dry cleaning can be a faster process: The process of washing, rinsing and spinning in a washing machine can be more time-consuming.
  • Dry cleaned clothes don’t have a freshly cleaned smell such as laundered clothes.
  • Washing clothes in water can clean it more properly than dry cleaning.
  • You can clean any kind of garments using dry cleaning, but laundry washing has restrictions.
  • Dry cleaning clothes can be more expensive due to the solvents used, instead of washing it using water.


The above comparisons show you which method of cleaning is suitable for which situation. You can take your pick of cleaning methods according to your needs.

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