Parking Hacks for the Busy Holiday Season

While your tree might be trimmed and your halls all decked out, there is one element of the busy holiday season you my not have considered, parking.


Apps like BestParking, Parker, SpotHero, Parking Panda, and more are available to help you navigate spots and find good deals. You can even get specific and download apps that have been created for your exact destination, like when you want to find the best SeaTac parking.

If you are visiting a relative or friend ask them for insider tips on where to park and keep a stash of quarters in the car for any meters or tolls you might encounter. When parking on a slope think “up and away”. If your car is facing up, turn your steering wheel away from the curb, this way it will roll into the curb and not traffic should anything go wrong. Do the opposite for parking downhill, think “down and in” and turn the wheel towards the curb. Always use the parking break, and if conditions are too icy, don’t chance it and find a better spot.

Mall Parking

When parking at the mall it helps to face the car east. This can help prevent and significantly decrease the amount of snow and ice that may accumulate on the windshield while you are busy shopping. Another safety tip is to park under a well lit area if you know you will be traveling back to the car after dark, and ask mall security for an escort to your car if needed.

Before you head inside, turn around and take a gander at what row or isle you have parked in so you can find your car easily later. Take a picture of the isle number, or park outside of a store you will remember rather than the general mall entrance, a bonus is that there may be more free spots there as well.

Airport Parking

When parking at the airport you should take care to avoid leaving any valuables clearly visible in the car if you plan to store it for the duration of your journey, and have an ice scraper in the car to shovel it out if necessary when you return.

If you do not want to worry about parking there are plenty of options like park and ride, airport shuttles, valet services, or drivers for hire that you can take advantage of for stress free parking. Depending on your travel time and comfort level you can determine which are the best SeaTac parking options for you.

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