Diverse Golf Course Characteristics

When deciding where to play, you’re going to expect the best golfpackages to be rife with courses that have a beautiful view. There will be lush greenery, accented with flora and fauna that ties everything together. This picturesque landscape is often created by hand, but when done effectively, it will boast natural cohesion. It should work with the land, not against it.How well the course is maintained also impacts the overall experience, and that care needs to happen regularly but without impeding play.

Outside of aesthetics, diversity chimes in as the most important feature golfers want in a course.Some courses are shorter and make use of a 2-run-through system where the same 9 holes are played twice. That’s typical and standardly accepted by players, but if every hole is the same, shooting 18 of the same onewill get boring very quickly. Some variations include:

Hole Style

There should be a mixture of dogleg, long, short, and straight holes. The play should be multidirectional. Two common classifications of theseare penaland heroic. Penal shots don’t give you an option to bypass hazards, and heroic shots give you the opportunity to shoot through the hazard but also an option to hit around it if you prefer the safer path.

Club Use

The course should require the player to use most of the clubs in their bag. Otherwise, they’re hauling around a heavy load for no reason. There should be highs, lows, fades, and draws to make use of all their woods, irons, and putters.

Par Level

Each hole should have a different level of difficulty. While you don’t want to play on a course that requires little effort to score well on, it can’t be so difficult only a pro would succeed on it either. Average players aren’t experts, but they still need some motivation to improve their game. Great golf courses will be the perfect balance of difficulty and playability.


Whether you’re sloping toward or away from the green, avoiding bunkers and water obstacles, or combatting false fronts, each challenge you face should be unique. If every hole has the same hazard, it will impact the play as well as the overall visual appeal of the course.

The best golf courses in Atlanta are created by design architects with intelligent planning and foster a high level of diversity. There is a reasonable level of challenge on well-maintained, cohesive fairways and greens.

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