Benefits of Registering Your Emotional Support Dog

Animals are not required to be registered as emotional support animals in order for their owners to be able to travel with them and receive exemption from pet-related housing limitations. However, though registration is not required by law to receive these benefits, there are many other benefits to registering your dog as an emotional support animal. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits.


By law, you only have to give your word that your animal is an ESA to receive the benefits mentioned above. (However, airlines can request a signed letter from a mental health professional as well.) But when you register your dog as an ESA, you receive a certificate stating their purpose and the role that they fill for you. While this certificate isn’t legally required, it does provide you with a certified document that you can show to anyone who question’s your dog’s status. This can make receiving the legal benefits already described much easier.

ID Card

In addition to a certificate, when registered as an ESA, your dog will also receive an ESA ID card that can be clipped to their leash. This is another official document that you can offer as evidence of your dog’s status. Obviously, this document (especially when attached to the dog’s leash) is much more accessible to you in situations when you weren’t expecting to encounter resistance regarding your dog’s status. It is easy to have with you at all times, and therefore, easy to show that your dog is an ESA.

Collar or Vest

Obviously, you don’t want to have to prove your dog’s status if you don’t have to. One way to reduce the likelihood of encountering this resistance is to have an ESA vest or collar for your dog, which may even be included in an emotional support dog kit when you register. When your dog is wearing that red vest with ESA patches on it, people immediately recognize that your dog is far more than a pet. Seeing this, they’ll be less likely to question your dog’s status.

While registration of your ESA is not required by law, it can make your life as an ESA owner much simpler, and will give your dog an extra layer of legitimacy that will make it much less likely you will encounter resistance when traveling together. So, if you’re registering your dog as an ESA, look into anĀ emotional support dog kit.

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