A Simple Guide To Learn The Basics Of Facebook Advertisements

A business can have different goals in the business. It has different types of ads that match the desired goals of the objective. If you are thinking of implementing Facebook ads in the business, then you need to learn more about the different Facebook ads to find the best one for the accomplishment of the business needs.

In this article, we will tell you about effective Facebook Ads to fulfill objectives in a business.

Link Click Ads

Link Click ads aid business for the promotion of the external website. On clicking on these ads, it sends people to the blog posts or landing pages of the website. You can easily use “Link Click Ads” at various places on your webpage.

This enables the delivery of the same advertisement across varying News Feeds to reach a wider segment of the audience. Link Click Ads are high-performance ads and provide the advantage of generating “Likes” for the Facebook page of the business.

Aiad is a reputed Facebook Ads Agency in Sydney. This company has assisted several businesses in effectively utilizing the potential of social media to enhance visibility, traffic, and sales lead in the business.


  • The recommended size of the image should be 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • Ad copy text has to be 90 characters
  • The headline should be of 25 characters
  • Link Description should be of 30 characters

Video Ads

The types of placements supported by these ads are Mobile Newsfeed, Desktop Newsfeed, and Audience Network Instagram

Facebook Video Ads are a form of the Link Click Ads. The only difference between both types of ads is that the former works for videos, in place of a still image. Video Facebook Ads are very purposeful for any business.


  • Ad copy text has to be 90 characters
  • Aspect ratios supported are between 16:9, and 9:16
  • The supported File size is up to 4 GB max
  • Continuous looping feature is available

In Facebook video ads, videos can be at max 120 minutes of duration. However, most of the top-performing videos fall in the range of 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Boosted Page Posts

Supported placements are Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, and Audience Network Instagram. The Boosted Page Post appears similar to an ordinary Facebook post. The only difference is that it has a “Sponsored” note present at the top of the advertisement.

Every time a user posts on the Facebook Page with a “Boosted Post”, users are given the chance to enhance the visibility of the post. This is the best strategy to reach more people throughout the advertising network of Facebook.


  • The recommended size of the image should be 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • The ad copy text is unlimited
  • Headline has to be of 25 characters
  • Link Description has to be of 30 characters


These are some of the Facebook ads that drive traffic to the business website. So, depending on the objectives of your business you can choose to implement the best Facebook Ads for your business.

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