Tips for Preserving Your Wood Pellets

When using wood pellet burning grills, for long-term enjoyment, it’s important to follow certain procedures of storing and caring for your wood pellets. You should know what to look for to determine if your pellets are going bad. You will also learn how to keep them in optimum condition for as long as possible. Pellet quality can greatly affect the taste of your food. Stale pellets can prevent your food from having the smoked-flavor you love, and it can also cause your auger to jam. Here are some tips for preserving your wood pellets.

Keep Them Away from Dampness

You should keep your wood pellets as dry as possible. It’s no secret that moisture can wreak havoc on wood over time, and wood pellets can see the negative effects much quicker. Moisture can cause the wood pellets not to burn as well as they should. This, in turn, limits the levels of smoke produced by the pellets, which can greatly hamper the taste of smoked foods. Moisture can also have other effects, such as causing the pellets not to light at all or to have the grilling temperature thrown off. Avoid this array of issues by storing your pellets in a nice dry environment, with little to no humidity.

Store Them in a Bucket

It is always a good idea to remove your wood pellets from the bag that you purchased them in. Whether you are planning to store them indoors or not, don’t try to store them still within the bag. Even indoor environments can have humidity in the air. So, it’s best to store your wood pellets in a bucket and seal the lid tight. A five-gallon bucket would work just fine. This will help to prolong the lifespan and quality of your pellets, by making sure they are dry and cool.

High Heat Levels can Ignite Your Pellets

It’s never a good idea to store your wood pellets around a car or a water heater. So, don’t consider a garage where cars, in-use, are parked. Wood pellets are highly flammable, and fire preventative measures should be taken when deciding where to store your pellets. Even if your wood pellets are in the bag and brand new, when exposed to flames or high-heat levels, they are still highly flammable.

These are some tips and precautions to take when using the wood pellets for your wood pellet burning grills.

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