Differences Between DMS And CMS In A Business

Businesses look for affordable methods to capture, organize, distribute, and document online data. What people are confused about is difference between content management software and document management software to manage business information.

Where some vendors call the system ‘document management’ systems, others call it a ‘content management’ system. Let us see on what grounds the two systems differ from each other.

About a Document Management Software

A document management software aids in capturing, storing, and analyzing a large amount of data on a single platform. It streamlines business processes to manage files digitally.

The system serves as a “centralized database” that makes information convenient to locate. Templafy.com is the leading online place that helps a business create effective and robust document management systems for its clients.   

About a Content Management Software

Content management software aims at the creation and management of digital content. It provides tools that enable convenient collaboration at the workplace. This is done by integrating document management using digital asset management.

What makes a DMS similar to a CMS?

A DMS and a CMS have some things in common.

Both Are based on “Software as A Service” Technology

Both CMS and DMS can be installed on a 3rd party server where all the business data gets securely stored in the cloud. This data can be retrieved via any device using a safe internet connection.

Works as a Centralized Data Storage

Both CMS and DMS have their data stored on a centralized database. This makes it easier for employees to access and retrieve them on the basis of their roles and actions.

Enable in managing, storing, and retrieving data

DMS and CMS are able to systematic collection and storage of data. It becomes easy to index the documents to make it effortless to search for the needed files. Both the systems enable you to search as well as retrieve the required information without any issues.

Offer a high level of security

CMS and DMS offer a high level of security to conserve and safeguard all confidential data in your business. It prevents unauthorized access and creates an automatic backup of the data.

What makes DMS different from CMS?

The major difference between these systems lies on the basis of the “structure of data”.

Document management software handles data that lies within structured files and documents such as Excel, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and other important formats. The major objective is to digitize the files, track as well as manage new docs throughout the lifecycle.

Content management software comes with an ability to effectively manage different types of unstructured and structured electronic information. It manages a wide range of digital assets such as video, web content, audio, Flash, multimedia files, raw data gathered from different 3rd party internet sources.


So, if you choose to implement a DMS or a CMS for your system, then you should consider these differences. It will aid you in learning how well it fits into your business needs.

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