6 sustainable products that you can buy

Sustainability today is a very critical point of discussion. As global warming and deforestation are getting severe we need to make a few changes in our lifestyle to become eco-friendly. Starting to use eco-friendly products in our day to day life is one of them. We can eradicate the use of plastic by using reusable purchase cooler bags. There are several companies in the world such as custom earth promise that provide eco-friendly reusable bags.

  • Here are a few items that you need to own for sustainable living:
  • Bamboo utensils and cutlery

Let us focus on our eating habits. Uses of plastic utensils for every meal is not only expensive but is also polluting our environment. Instead of going heavy on plastic we can start using cutlery and utensils made from bamboo. Bamboo is a very excellent choice of material. Bamboo utensils and cutlery come with a set of its back that you can use everywhere.

  • Bamboo paper towel

We are using tons and tons of tissues in our daily life that is obtained from trees and recycle paper. Instead of using paper we can use bamboo paper towels. These are much more absorbent and durable compared to the regular paper towels. These are made from sustainable bamboo wood. They are also washable and reusable and you can carry it anywhere you want.

  • Food huggers

When it comes to protecting our cut fruits these amazing products help us a lot. You can choose any type of food other in any shape that you want. These footages are made of 100% content silicon and are BPA free. Are also available in several other colours and sizes.

  • Silicone cover glass containers

Silicone cover glass containers another product that needs to be owned in every home. The food fresh and prevent any spillage on leakage. Silicon is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. also, do not eliminate any toxins PVC or BPA when the food is heated in them.

  • Reusable zip locks

Another refreshing way of preserving your food store use reusable Ziplock rather than using plastic zip lock bags. The reusable Ziplock are lead-free and BPA free. These can be used anywhere from travelling to the office or at home.

  • Gift wraps that can be planted

This gift-wrap sir made from paper that is 100% recycled. The gift wrap is embedded with hundreds of plant seeds. So once you have opened the gift wrapper you can from the paper and watch it grow into a wonderful tree.

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