Why Should You Change Engine Oil in Your Vehicle Regularly?

If you want your vehicle to run efficiently and always remain well maintained then it is necessary to change the engine oil regularly.

While making oil change in Grand Rapids, it is also possible to get your vehicle properly checked too, so that if any minor problem is observed can be easily set right immediately.

Following are few good reasons why you must get your vehicle oil changed at regular interval.

  • Ensure your engine clean

Along with flow of oil, plenty of dirt as well as many other particles also get accumulated in the oil. Hence, if the old oil is not regularly replaced then very soon there will be formation of sludge within the old oil.

If you are living in any dry or dusty area then there will be more dust accumulation which will also choke the filters.

  • Ensures longer engine life

By regularly changing the engine oil, you will ensure proper lubrication of your engine which will enhance the life of various parts of engine. On the other hand, if you do not replace oil in timely manner then the oil will get dirty and also your engine will not perform well.

Thus, you can ensure longer life of your engine with regular oil change.

  • Can protect other engine parts

There are number of different engine parts whose movements can be much smooth if engine oil is regularly replaced. Otherwise, dirt and debris may restrict the movement of various moving parts of engine and as a result their life may also reduce.

  • Can get much better gas mileage

Another great benefit of regularly changing the oil on time is that you can get much better gas mileage. Why it is so? The fresh engine oil will ensure smooth movement of moving parts of engine as mentioned above which will offer least amount of resistance.

Due to smooth movement of the engine parts there will be very little loss of efficiency of your car and as a result, it will consume less amount of gas to run your car.

  • Help to clear vehicle emissions test and protect the environment

As far as passing of an emission test is concerned, it will test how many particles of hydrocarbons are sprayed out into our environment. If oil changes are not done in timely manner then dirty oil will cause build-up of all these hydrocarbons in the inner areas of your engine.

Therefore, regular change in engine oil will ensure that your vehicle will also easily clear the emission test and will not pollute the environment.

  • Help with much better engine performance

In due course of time, old oil may break down because of heat exposure which causes loss in its viscosity and also the ability to lubricate your engine.

This will certainly affect the engine performance, if you allow it to remain for longer duration.

Another oil function is drawing heat from parts of your engine. In case, they remain within sludge, then parts will stay hot longer which will make the engine less efficient.

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