Top 5 Sports Apps For Android

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Many of us are sports lovers, always wanted to check out the latest updates of sports scores, news, schedules, teams and players’ life styles. There are many apps available for sports lovers on the internet for all three platforms of the mobile world. These apps come with lots of options and features. Sports fans always use these apps on their smart phones for latest sports updates; these apps update the users and instantaneously. Let us now see some popular apps for sports lovers.

ESPN Sports Centre

This is an international branded sports channel; anyone can recognize and totally dedicated to sports. The name itself gives the detail, its sports center, gives all the sports news available on the globe. It is very fast in updating the sports lovers. This app comes with lots of features like live commentary, live score, minute to minute updates, easy access to different sports news.


This is another branded sports channel application. It is little easier, flexible app than ESPN. This is new generation kind application, which also provides live streaming, commentary, live updates, game reviews, analysis, and graphical analysis of each player played. Game Centre Lite

The NFL (National Football League’s) official app provides all information regarding the football teams, games, schedules, commentary, video clips, video reviews and live scores. This basic version of the app also includes in-app purchases. The premium app gives much more features to the basic app.

NBA Game Time

This NBA official app gives life scores, full detailed team game analysis and standings of different teams. It’s very simple to operate and stylish UI provides the best view of scores. The UI makes it so simple to get access to different parts of the games and their statistics. The basic version of the app comes with advertisement supportability and to remove add’s you have to get the paid version of the app.

Yahoo! Sporttacular

This app has very simple user friendly interface. The app covers all games at instant using its worldwide sports analysts, it covers almost all international games, gives very quick updates of scores, live commentary, live updates, key turning points of match, team standings and player analysis. This app also covers almost each players detail of the game, history of player, records he holds on the game, comparison of different players and their gaming way.

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