Important Facts to Know About Pirate Hats

Pirate costumes are very popular for theme parties and Halloween events. You must have read about pirates in the books or watched them in the movies so when it comes to dressing like them you should not miss the opportunities. You must have planned something exciting for the Halloween throughout the year and you want to look perfect in the best clothes. You can buy the clothes ranging from cheap to expensive as per your budget. You can go to the stores to avail the best offers on clothes.

Pirate’s hat is the main accessory that completes the look and as the costume varies the hats also vary. This post will help you to know about the different type of pirate hats. You can go online and look for top-rated sellers and avail the best offer on the website. The best thing is that you can sneak into the clearance sale and get heavy discounts online. If you are planning to go to a theme party then 1970s clothing should be your choice. The fashion industry has started developing from 50s. People love to wear the superb costumes and dresses.

It is very easy to find the 70s clothes. You can go online and look for sellers that sell the best outfits and have a good collection of 1970s clothing. If you are buying the pirate costume then you should buy all the accessories like boots, sunglasses, eye patch and much more. Hats are as important as these costumes so you should choose a hat according to the costumes.

Types of Hats

  • Tricorn hat is one of the popular pirate hats. If you have ever seen the Hollywood pirate movies, you would be aware of these hats. These hats have a round or dome structures and brims are pressed upwards. The logic behind the hat’s design is that it prevents rainwater directly hitting the face. This cap was used on the sea side when the weather conditions were very poor.
  • The Bicorn hats were very similar to the Tricorn hats. These were not completely round as the brim was folded only on the two sides. The brims were normally wider than the tricorn hats. These hats were designed in a way such that if not in use then it could be carried under the arms easily.
  • The small brimmed hats are another option for you. These classic hats can be converted into the tricorn hats and are the more suitably available at the costume shop. You can get one for you and design it the way you like. These hats were also known to save the pirates from the sunshine and the rain and have many practical usages.
  • Another simple yet common style of the pirate hat is the scarf. The head scarfs can be an easy option if you cannot find a hat or if you don’t want a hat. This would also save you some money and will be a cool choice.
  • These are some different types of hats.

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